Making Dreams Come True

Admit it or not, every girl has had dreams for her fairy tale wedding. And when she meets her dream man that makes her say ‘YES’ teary-eyed, all the fantasy finally comes true.


Or do they always?


The truth is, despite all the gorgeous things to love about a wedding, there is also the very real side of wedding planning, when all the scary words like budget planning, time management, supplier selection … etc. all come in. This is why professional wedding planner and stylist like Ardeur are here to take the hassle out of all the boring and tedious bit for you!


My love and passion for weddings are the reasons why I started Ardeur. Coming from a graphic/multimedia design background, I love surrounding myself with pretty and artistic things. I am also known for being a perfectionist by nature – so yes, absolute attention to the tiniest details. I guess there is no better industry for me to be in after all!


Weddings give me so much happiness and contentment, and I cannot explain how grateful I am to be entrusted with the honour of planning the most important day in a couple’s lives!


So whether you dream of a romantic beachside wedding, a lavish black-tie affair, or a laid-back garden wedding under the warm rays of the sun, speak to us! My talented team will help turn your vision into reality!

Queenie Koay
Co-Founder & Creative Director

Ph: 0423 303 345


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